Legal Cannabis & Social Equity: A Panel Discussion

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On November 19, 2020, the Minnesota Campaign for Full Legalization and the Minnesota Cannabis College held a (virtual) panel discussion exploring the connection between legal cannabis and social equity in Minnesota.
Panelists Included:
  • Marcus Harcus, Executive Director of the Minnesota Campaign for Full Legalization
  • Jason Ortiz, Board President of the Minority Cannabis Business Association
  • Dasheeda Dawson, Cannabis Program Supervisor, City of Portland, Oregon
Event Description:

How should we legalize cannabis in Minnesota? While a disproportionate number of those in prison for drug crimes are black, former drug warriors like John Boehner have made millions off the expansion of legal cannabis.

Activists and Legislators in states like Massachusetts and California have tried to create an equitable market, but multiple hurdles have led to massive inequities in legal markets throughout the country.

Creating a socially equitable cannabis market is something that must be done in Minnesota. This is an important issue for activists, future cannabis entrepreneurs, and policy makers alike.

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