Red Lake Nation Passes Medical Cannabis Referendum

Members of the Red Lake Nation made history on Wednesday by becoming the first tribal nation in Minnesota to vote in favor of a medical cannabis referendum. This program will be the only source of legal medical cannabis flower in Minnesota as the state’s program currently only allows oils, topicals, and pills. This vote comes just days after the Minnesota Senate voted down a measure to expand the state’s limited cannabis program to include flower to patients over the age of 21.

A Minnesotan Dispensary

This post is part of an ongoing exploration into the new piece of legislation introduced into the Minnesota House of Representatives by Rep. Ryan Winkler, H.F. 4632. The full bill text can be found here. Welcome to our second deep dive into House File No. 4632, a piece of legislation that gives us a glimpseContinue reading “A Minnesotan Dispensary”

MN House Votes to Allow Medical Cannabis Flower

Update: At roughly 12:00 pm (noon) on Sunday, May 17 the Senate tabled the bill (SF 3560) through a voice vote. A majority vote is required to take the bill off of the table. While this doesn’t necessarily mean the measure is dead, it does not bode well for those supporting the change. The MinnesotaContinue reading “MN House Votes to Allow Medical Cannabis Flower”