We offer a range of classes to help you learn about cannabis. From growing a few plants at home to working in a large-scale cultivation facility, our classes will allow you to develop a new hobby or find your new career.

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Hemp in Minnesota

Students in this course will learn about the many uses for industrial and commercial hemp along with the current rules and regulations surrounding hemp and CBD products in Minnesota. This course also covers the history of hemp in Minnesota along with discussing the careers that exist in the state’s hemp cultivation and processing industry today.
This course does not yet include a hands-on component.

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Introduction to Budtending in MN

Students in this course will learn the skills needed to be successful in a customer-facing career in Minnesota’s cannabis industry. This course covers the regulations surrounding cannabis and how it impacts you while also learning best practices for explaining simply the impacts of cannabis.

Cannabis Cultivation

Looking to enter the cannabis industry in Minnesota by cultivating cannabis? If you’re looking to get a job at a cultivation facility or if you’re looking to start your own microbusiness, this class is a must for learning how to manage large scale operations. Some topics include cloning, methods of irrigation, and electrical safety. You’ve grown your eight plants, now get ready for a sea of green!

Introduction to Home Cultivation in MN

This course is for those new to cannabis cultivation and will teach the intros to growing cannabis. Some course topics will include equipment, nutrients, and growing techniques that will help you go from seed to smoke in no time! This course also covers regulations around growing cannabis at home to help you stay compliant with state laws.

Cannabis Business & Management

Looking to enter the cannabis industry? While this class doesn’t teach you much in term of cultivation, it will prepare you for the business world of cannabis in Minnesota. Some topics explored include cannabis laws in Minnesota, best practices for businesses in the cannabis industry, and how to build your brand. If you want to build a cannabis business from the ground up, this class is for you.

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