Caring for Your Clone

Caring for Your Cannabis Clones

How to Care for Your Cannabis Clone

You’ve taken the first step with your cannabis clone, now it’s time to ensure it thrives. At the Minnesota Cannabis College, we know that nurturing a cannabis clone is not just a hobby, but an art form that can lead to rewarding opportunities. Whether you’re a passionate cultivator or exploring new entrepreneurial paths, our guide below is designed to provide you with the essential insights and knowledge needed to care for your clone.

Embrace the journey and unlock the potential of your green endeavor, because growth isn’t only about the plant, it’s about you too.


Provide the clones with 18-24 hours of light to encourage growth, but avoid intense direct light in the first few days.

Water & Nutrients

Mist the clones daily with water and provide a mild nutrient solution.

Temperature & Humidity

Maintain a warm environment (around 75-80°F) and high humidity (around 70-80%).

Monitor for Growth

After 7-14 days, you should see roots beginning to form. Once a robust root system has developed, the clone can be transplanted into a larger pot.