Image from Minnesota Medical Solutions website

Medical cannabis patients in Minnesota will soon walk into a familiar building with a new name: Green Goods. 

Minnesota Medical Solutions, one of two medical cannabis manufacturers in the state, is set to rebrand its Minnesota retail locations to Green Goods. Green Goods is a brand already operated by Vireo Health with three retail locations in PA.  According to the email sent to registered MinnMed patients, the rebranding includes changing the sign on the front of each site, changing the floor plan to add “knowledge bars with tablet stations,” and updating the packaging to list Vireo Health instead of MinnMed. Along with the visual change, the company Minnesota Medical Solutions is changing its name to Vireo Health of Minnesota.

“Green Goods represents the next evolution of Vireo’s commitment to providing a best-in-class personalized customer experience,” said Kyle Kingsley, M.D., Founder of MinnMed in Dispense Magazine. “The design of Green Goods provides a safe, welcoming environment for all customers featuring on-site pharmacists and a ‘knowledge bar’ for those interested in learning more about cannabis.”

Green Goods Retail Location in Scranton, PA (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)

A recent press release from Vireo Health lists Minnesota as one of the markets with the potential to legalize adult-use cannabis within the next 24-months. It’s possible that this was done in preparation for the eventual roll-out of adult-use cannabis in the state. Earlier this year, however, Kingsley expressed doubt about Minnesota, saying the state “is not quite ready for adult use.”

Vireo Health recently sold its equity in Pennsylvania Medical Solutions to Jushi Inc for $37 million, completing the sale middle of last week. Vireo plans to use some of than money to invest in a number of states they operate in, including Minnesota. “We have extensive plans to re-invest a portion of these proceeds to increase scale in select markets, including New York, Minnesota, Arizona, and Maryland, where we see significant opportunities to improve revenue growth and future cash flow generation,” said Kingsley. Each Minnesota medical cannabis manufacturer is allowed to operate up to 8 locations, as of a legislative change in 2019, so it’s possible that investment includes more cannabis patient centers in MN.

MinnMed has proposed opening locations in Woodbury, Blaine, Duluth, and Burnsville. Leafline Labs, the other medical cannabis manufacture in the state, opened their Willmar location earlier this year and plans to open locations in Mankato, Golden Valley, and Rogers.