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MN Lawmakers Introduce Adult-Use Cannabis Legislation

Lawmakers in Minnesota once again introduced legislation to legalize adult-use cannabis in the state. “We are seeing in states across the country and even our neighbor in South Dakota that the issue of legalizing cannabis, creating a fair, regulated marketplace, and address the deep inequity in our criminal justice system is a mainstream, bipartisan, broadlyContinue reading “MN Lawmakers Introduce Adult-Use Cannabis Legislation”

Minnesota Cannabis Approved for Sickle Cell, Tic Disorder; Not Anxiety

Individuals with sickle cell disease or chronic tic disorder will soon be able to get medical cannabis in Minnesota. Those with anxiety, however, will need to wait. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) announced on Tuesday the addition of both sickle cell disease and chronic vocal or motor tic disorder to its list of qualifyingContinue reading “Minnesota Cannabis Approved for Sickle Cell, Tic Disorder; Not Anxiety”

Legal Cannabis & Expungement in Minnesota

This post is part of an ongoing exploration into a piece of legislation introduced into the Minnesota House of Representatives by Rep. Ryan Winkler, H.F. No. 4632. The full bill text can be found here. A Tweet from Minnesota House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler explained how the upcoming November election would impact the state’s cannabis community.Continue reading “Legal Cannabis & Expungement in Minnesota”

Minnesota Cannabis Arrests by the Numbers

Earlier this week, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension released the 2019 Uniform Crime Report which detailed criminal arrests made in the state throughout that year. “In 2019, Minnesota recorded a 4.7% increase in [reported] crimes,” the report’s cover letter reads. But what does this report say about cannabis arrests (called “marijuana-related drug abuse arrests”)Continue reading “Minnesota Cannabis Arrests by the Numbers”

Dr. Jon Thompson on the Science and Business of Cannabis Extraction

Dr. Jon Thompson is the founder and CEO of extraktLAB and United Science, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of hemp and cannabis extraction and distillation equipment. ExtraktLAB also operates a 80,000 sq ft hemp extraction and processing facility in Osceola, WI able to process over 5 tons per day. Taking hemp biomass and making CBD distillate andContinue reading “Dr. Jon Thompson on the Science and Business of Cannabis Extraction”

White Earth Nation Approved Medical Cannabis

The White Earth Nation voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to approve a referendum directing the Reservation Business Committee to authorize the cultivation and distribution of medical cannabis. This makes the White Earth tribe the second in the state to legalize medical cannabis, after the Red Lake Nation voted to allow the same earlier in the year.Continue reading “White Earth Nation Approved Medical Cannabis”

NEW ONLINE COURSE: Hemp in Minnesota

The Minnesota Cannabis College is proud to introduce our first online course, Hemp in Minnesota. This five-part online program focuses on hemp cultivation and processing in Minnesota and can be completed at your own pace.  The five modules in this course are: History of Hemp in Minnesota Industrial and Commercial Hemp  Regulatory Compliance Surrounding HempContinue reading “NEW ONLINE COURSE: Hemp in Minnesota”

Minnesota Cannabis by the Numbers

Update: An earlier version of the article erroneously listed age-related muscular degeneration as an approved qualifying condition. While it was approved by the Commissioner of Health, it was later repealed by the Minnesota Legislature. A lot has happened in the last few weeks around cannabis in Minnesota. In July, both the State of Minnesota’s andContinue reading “Minnesota Cannabis by the Numbers”

MN Legislators: Social Equity Along With Cannabis Legalization

When the prospect of legal, adult-use cannabis in Minnesota seemed far off, the debate focused much more on if we should legalize the plant and less on the how. Cannabis advocates at the Minnesota State Fair encouraged passersby for years to support legalization, not to explore how to create a new regulated industry from theContinue reading “MN Legislators: Social Equity Along With Cannabis Legalization”

Minnesota Cannabis Supporters Set Sail

The sounds of chants and the smell of cannabis filled the air Sunday afternoon as legalization supporters throughout the state gathered at the Harriet Island Park in St. Paul. The purpose was an annual boat ride, dubbed “Loud on the River”, and a march to raise awareness for cannabis legalization in the state.


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