High Educated Retail Starter Pack

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Easily bring the Minnesota Cannabis College to your store with the Highly Educated Retailer Starter Pack!


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Dive deep into the thriving world of cannabis retail with the Highly Educated Retailer Starter Pack, exclusively curated by the Minnesota Cannabis College. This comprehensive pack is designed to equip retailers with the knowledge and materials needed to navigate and succeed in the dynamic cannabis market of Minnesota. Ideal for bookstores, dispensaries, and educational institutions aiming to enhance their offerings and provide value to their customers interested in cannabis cultivation, processing, and retail.

What’s Included:

  • 10 Copies of “Growing Cannabis in Minnesota”: This guide is a treasure trove of expert advice, offering step-by-step instructions on cultivating high-quality cannabis right at home. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced grower, this book covers everything from seed selection to harvest.
  • 5 Copies of “Processing Cannabis in Minnesota”: Delve into the art and science of cannabis processing with this detailed manual. Learn about different extraction methods, safety protocols, and how to create a variety of cannabis products, ensuring a well-rounded knowledge base for any enthusiast or professional.
  • 3 Copies of “Minnesota Cannabis Retail Training Manual”: Elevate your retail game with this essential training manual. Packed with insights on the science, law, and sales techniques of cannabinoid edibles and more, it prepares retail associates for excellence in customer service and compliance.
  • 50+ Cannabis Stickers and Bookmarks: Add a fun and engaging touch to your store or giveaways with these vibrant cannabis-themed stickers and bookmarks. Perfect for promoting cannabis literacy and adding a splash of color to your educational materials.

Elevate your offerings and become a leader in cannabis retail education with the Highly Educated Retailer Starter Pack. Order now and take the first step towards empowering your team and customers with cutting-edge cannabis knowledge and resources.

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Comprehensive Education: With materials covering cultivation, processing, and retail, your team and customers will have access to a wealth of knowledge, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of cannabis.
  • Stay Compliant: The included manuals ensure that your business stays informed about the latest laws and regulations, minimizing risk and building trust with your customers.
  • Increase Sales: By offering these educational resources, you cater to the growing demand for cannabis education, positioning your business as a go-to destination for quality information and products.
  • Engage Your Community: Use the included stickers and bookmarks as promotional items or incentives, fostering a sense of community and engagement around your brand.

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