MN Legislators: Social Equity Along With Cannabis Legalization

When the prospect of legal, adult-use cannabis in Minnesota seemed far off, the debate focused much more on if we should legalize the plant and less on the how. Cannabis advocates at the Minnesota State Fair encouraged passersby for years to support legalization, not to explore how to create a new regulated industry from theContinue reading “MN Legislators: Social Equity Along With Cannabis Legalization”

Taxes, Grants, and Cannabis in Minnesota

This post is part of an ongoing exploration into a piece of legislation introduced into the Minnesota House of Representatives by Rep. Ryan Winkler, H.F. No. 4632. The full bill text can be found here. Welcome to our forth deep dive into House File No. 4632, a piece of legislation that gives us a glimpseContinue reading “Taxes, Grants, and Cannabis in Minnesota”