Training Program

Minnesota Cannabis Retail Training Program

This training program arms both employees and employers with the knowledge and tools they need to ensure they remain legally compliant when selling edible cannabis products.

1. Science

Explore cannabis and the endocannabinoid system while learning how most adults are affected by edible cannabis.

2. Law

Learn about the many laws and regulations that guide the sale of edible cannabis products in Minnesota.

3. Sales

Dig into the role of a cannabis retail associate, walking through the best practices of selling edibles from start to finish.

This program allows you to easily train your employees on the nuances of cannabis law in Minnesota while also providing you an easy-to-use platform to track completion throughout your organization.

[icon name=”play” prefix=”fas”] High-quality training course created in consultation with subject matter experts

[icon name=”play” prefix=”fas”] Custom learning tracking dashboard to easily monitor employee certification

[icon name=”play” prefix=”fas”] Regular review to ensure training contains always up-to-date information

[icon name=”play” prefix=”fas”] Trained retail businesses are registered in the Highly Educated Business Directory

State Regulations

In December 2022, the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy filed a lawsuit against a Minnesota-based retailer for selling illegal cannabis products. The board is currently seeking a court order to destroy over $7 million of seized merchandise.

Federal Regulations

In 2022, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent warning letters to businesses in 16 states demanding edible retailers/producers cease and desist specific unlawful sales practices related to cannabis.

Ready to Become Highly Educated?

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Our organization recognizes the importance of education in addressing the harms of the war on drugs and is committed to providing low or no-cost training and support to individuals impacted by the unjust war on drugs.