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The mission of the Minnesota Cannabis College is to educate and support individuals seeking careers or entrepreneurial opportunities in the state’s cannabis industry with an emphasis on individuals facing barriers to traditional education, entrepreneurial, or employment paths while supporting a diverse, equitable, and inclusive cannabis industry throughout the State of Minnesota.

Our Story

MNCC is a bridge, allowing those with passions to reach their goals

Our organization was founded in 2020 to help the state prepare for the oncoming adult-use cannabis market in Minnesota. Entrepreneurs and prospective cannabis employees need support to navigate the newest and fast-growing industry in the state; that’s where the Minnesota Cannabis College comes in.

Our organization is diverse and made up of individuals from various employment backgrounds, including career and collegiate education, state regulation, organizational leadership, and cannabis business operations.

Our Vision

Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

For Cannabis Consumers and Home Growers, the Minnesota Cannabis College provides a platform for acquiring essential skills in cultivation and extraction, enabling them to grow cannabis proficiently and understand its various applications. These educational offerings are tailored to ensure individuals can adeptly navigate the practical and legal frameworks surrounding cannabis cultivation in Minnesota.
Prospective Cannabis Employees looking to join Minnesota’s fast-growing cannabis industry can immensely benefit from the employment services at the Minnesota Cannabis College. The college aids in job placement, ensuring that individuals find positions that match their skills, interests, and abilities. Additionally, the retail training programs equip them with a deep understanding of cannabis laws and effective sales strategies crucial for success in this sector within the state.
Aspiring Cannabis Entrepreneurs in Minnesota will find the entrepreneurial services at the Minnesota Cannabis College invaluable. The college provides assistance in navigating the complex regulatory environment and in identifying potential employees, laying a strong foundation for establishing and growing a cannabis business in Minnesota. By making the Minnesota Cannabis College a part of their journey, entrepreneurs are better positioned to contribute to and thrive in the state’s cannabis industry.
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Our President

Cannabis policy reform is our opportunity to invest in those most harmed by the unjust war on drugs. While the legislature has done their part in passing cannabis legalization in 2023, we as Minnesotans have much work to do to ensure we have the most equitable cannabis industry in the entire nation. 

Through education, we can begin repairing the harms of decades of cannabis prohibition.

– Tanner Berris, President


Our Board of Trustees

Photo of Tanner Berris

Tanner Berris

President & Board Chair

Photo of Tanner Berris

Marcus Harcus

Board Treasurer

Photo of Tanner Berris

Shana Payton

Board Trustee

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John Bartee

Board Trustee

MNCC Industry Advisory Board

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Dr. Clemon Dabney, III

Dr. Dabs Healthy Highs

Photo of Tanner Berris

Leili Fatehi

Blunt Strategies

Photo of Tanner Berris

Jess Hanson

State Representative, 55A

Photo of Tanner Berris

Jake Jarecki

Feed-Me Farms

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Debra Kvamme

Landscape and Horticulture, Hennepin Technical College

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Gayle Smaller

Northside Resident Redevelopment Council