Episode 9 - Don't Forget to Register!! (with Matthew Overcast)

It’s October 2nd! That means you better have registered with the State of Minnesota if you’re selling cannabis products. But that’s not the only thing going on, we’re also talking about the OCM Director, talking about medical cannabis access, and talking about the tasty products that we tried from Trail Magic and Foundry Nation.

Then we talk with Matthew Overcast of North Star Law Group about his background and what he brings to the firm. From growing to teaching, Matthew has a background designed to help cannabis entrepreneurs. We also talk about disability access in the cannabis industry.

We end out our podcast by answering your questions!! That’s right, it’s a mailbag segment! Send in your questions to info@mncannabiscollege.org.

Today’s episode of Northern Lights is presented by North Star Law Group, your trusted partner in Minnesota’s burgeoning legal cannabis industry. Learn more at northstarlaw.com

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