Episode 11 - The Highway to Big Business (with Jen Reise)

In this high-spirited episode of Northern Lights, Tanner, Marcus, and John delve into the contentious approval of a whopping $10M loan meant to sprout a new cannabis operation in Grand Rapids. Spoiler alert: It might not be the green revolution Minnesota was hoping for. Navigating through the haze, our hosts then dissect the stance of Minnesota’s federal representatives on the ever-green topic of cannabis, leaving no leaf unturned.

But that’s not all! The episode bubbles over with excitement as the trio samples the tart and tantalizing Granny’s Granny Smith Tart Apple THC Seltzer, courtesy of Modist.

Post-tasting, the spotlight shifts to Jen Reise from North Star Law Group, who enlightens the hosts (and listeners) on the intricate dance of launching a cannabis business in the Gopher State.

Wrapping things up, Tanner, Marcus, and John challenge each other in a hilarious round of “Real or Fake Strain Name,” showcasing Minnesota’s undeniably quirky sense of creativity. Don’t miss out on this wild ride through the world of weed in Minnesota!

Today’s episode of Northern Lights is presented by North Star Law Group, your trusted partner in Minnesota’s burgeoning legal cannabis industry. Learn more at northstarlaw.com

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