Let’s Grow Together (with CannaJoyMN) Registration

Growing cannabis and community together! A grow-along series with CannaJoyMN.

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Growing Cannabis and Community with CannaJoyMN

What: A collaborative cannabis growing series! Grow along with us and other like-minded Minnesotans! No prior experience is needed!

When: January – May ‘24 with Harvest Swaps over the summer! Seeds planted on Jan 15th, so be ready to grow! Monthly meetup for growers!

How to Join: Register here! Then buy a qualifying seed or seed pack at CannaJoyMN in MPLS! Various cultivars of photoperiods and autoflowers are available! Registrants will receive (via email) a discount code for 5% off the purchase of qualifying seeds. Adding to this, 5% of all proceeds will be donated to the Minnesota Cannabis College. 

Cost of Participation: Our mission is to provide cannabis education at little to no cost to students. As such, this series is “Pay What You Can”, so while no payment is required, every cent paid helps to support our mission. Donations are never required for participation, but always appreciated!

Stop By CannaJoyMN (4753 Chicago Ave S) to learn more today!

Important Dates/Meet Up Events:

  • Jan 15th – Plant Your Seeds!
  • Jan 25th – Home Growers Meetup
  • Feb 5th – Auto Flower growers should look for pistols and flowering starting soon
  • Feb 22nd – Home Growers Meetup
  • Mar 16th – Photoperiod growers consider flipping for 60-day veg
  • Mar 28th – Home Growers Meetup
  • Apr 15th – Target 90 days for an autoflower
  • Apr 18th – Home Growers Meetup
  • May 15th – Target harvest date for 120 days photoperiod (60+60)
  • May 16th – Home Growers Meetup
  • Jun 15th – Auto flower growers meet up to swap harvest (60 days post-harvest)
  • Jul 15th – Photo growers meet up to swap harvest (60 days post-harvest)


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