Event by Minnesota Cannabis College

Date: Monday, August 21, 2023
Time: 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. (Doors Open 6:30 pm)
Location: The Wilderness (1010 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408)

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Highly-Educated Experts | Hand-Crafted Food | High-Quality Cannabis

Date and Time:

Monday, August 21 | 7:00 pm CDT (Doors Open 6:30 pm)

Class Description:

Led by renowned Minnesota cannabis expert Clemon Dabney, PhD, the Create Your Own Cannabis Super Soil Mix course provides an in-depth education in cultivating premium cannabis using sustainable, organic methods. Dr. Dabney, known affectionately as “Doc Dabs,” shares his decades of research and hands-on experience to help you achieve a successful harvest using super soil techniques.

With Dr. Dabney’s expertise and the MN Cannabis College’s commitment to excellence, this comprehensive course gives you the tools and knowledge to cultivate premium, all-natural cannabis. Enroll today and discover the rewarding experience of growing with super soil under the mentorship of one of Minnesota’s pioneering cannabis scientists. Set your plants up for success and ensure a bountiful harvest of the highest quality—all while using sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

What’s Included?
With your ticket purchase, you’ll get a value-packed evening and a bag of soil that you mixed yourself to take home! Here’s what you can expect (all included!):

  • Locally hand-crafted pizza from Wrecktangle Pizza
  • Drink ticket redeemable for Cultivated CBD’s Sparking Soda (Cranberry/Guava)
  • High-quality organic super soil specifically blended for growing cannabis
  • Hands-On Education from cannabis expert Dr. Clemon Dabney
  • Networking opportunities with other cannabis home growers in Minnesota

What is Super Soil?

Super soil is an all-natural, nutrient-rich medium perfect for cannabis cultivation. It eliminates the need for synthetic liquid nutrients by providing plants with ideal conditions to thrive through every stage of growth. Dr. Dabney will guide you through crafting your own super soil mix from locally-sourced, organic ingredients. You’ll learn how to test and amend the soil to achieve a perfect pH balance and nutrient profile for your plants.

Optional Supply Purchase:

Toward the end of the class, students will have the option to purchase the supplies needed to begin their cultivation journey, including high-quality, locally produced legal cannabis seeds, sold directly by CultivatedCBD!

Who Should Attend:

This class is ideal for anyone interested in growing their own or looking to improve the quality of their home grow. Anyone cultivating cannabis at home can take something away from this class, no prior experience or knowledge is required.

Give your cannabis garden a boost with the Unlock the Power of Super Soil course from MN Cannabis College. Join the green revolution in Minnesota and become a master cannabis cultivator.