Episode 13 - Dabbing at the Dabbler Depot (with Will Johnston and Cayle Reinhart)

The audio edition of our first video edition of Northern Lights! While you can watch the entire video episode on our YouTube page, you can also listen to hear Marcus, Shana, Steve, and Tanner talk about changes in the Director of Medical Cannabis office, on the roads in Minnesota, and throughout all of Wright Country. 

Then we interview Will and Cayle with the Dabbler Depot THC team. Hear about their backgrounds, what brought them to the Depot in the first place, and hear them turn the questions back on us! Then listen as we sample four locally made beverages, all available at Dabbler Depot, including: 

  • Sharab Shrubs Blueberry Poblano
  • Earl Giles Chronic Tonic
  • Oliphant Bog Boy
  • Utopia Borealis Maple

Finally, we wrap by reviewing the amazing Concentrating on Concentrates Class & Rosin Lab and discuss a whole new semester of classes coming up in 2024.  

Filmed and Recorded at the Dabbler Depot Studio in St. Paul

Today’s episode of Northern Lights is presented by North Star Law Group, your trusted partner in Minnesota’s burgeoning legal cannabis industry. Learn more at northstarlaw.com

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