Welcome to another enlightening episode of Northern Lights! We dive into recent Minnesota cannabis updates, starting with the posting of the OCM Director position and the new Seed FAQ dropped by the Department of Agriculture. Unpacking the program’s specific rules, we discuss potential opportunities this development presents for the local cannabis market. Then we sample local flavors, Blazed Maplesota (Modist Brewing x Doc Dabs) and a Strawberry Crunchy Bar (Retro Bakery). We then dissect potential retail businesses, exploring the various license types – Micro, Mezzo, Retail, Combination, and Event – and examining how local control can limit these operations.

Joining us for an insightful chat is Cory Lake from Lake Group Insurance, highlighting the importance of insurance in the cannabis industry. He explains why insurance is more than just a monthly expense but more of a way of thinking about your business to help it succeed and grow.

Lastly, we end with a conversation with Stephen Eigenmann about the upcoming CannaConnect 02 event on July 29. Tickets are still available, so get yours today!

Join us in this episode as we continue to navigate the fast-paced world of cannabis in Minnesota, offering insights, news, and a taste of local cannabis culture.

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