Welcome to Episode Four of Northern Lights! In this captivating episode, we bring you exciting updates, explore license types, indulge in new THC-infused products, and engage in an enlightening interview with David Gonzalez from The Hemp House.

In the introduction, we delve into the eagerly anticipated news that Red Lake Nation will kick off adult-use cannabis sales on August 1st. Prepare your taste buds for a delectable experience as we introduce No Coast’s THC-infused product line from The Hemp House and indulge in their exquisite Pate de Fruit and mouthwatering Polvorónes. Continuing our journey, we provide a breakdown of various license types beyond retail, focusing on cultivators, manufacturers, wholesalers, transporters, and lower-potency hemp edible manufacturers. 

In the interview section, we dive deep with David Gonzalez from The Hemp House. Discover the incredible journey of The Hemp House, from being a product manufacturer to winning the Legacy THC Cup. David shares exciting insights into their recent product releases under the No Coast Cannabis brand and provides valuable perspectives on the Minnesota cannabis industry.

Finally, we wrap by talking about the upcoming Cloning 101, a hands-on cannabis educational class taught by the renowned Dr. Dabs. This class offers invaluable insights into cannabis cloning, tools, step-by-step processes, rooting, aftercare, and troubleshooting.

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