Summer/Fall 2021 Internship at Grounded Gardens

Grounded Gardens is excited to offer the Summer/Fall 2021 Cannabis Cultivation Internship Educational Program to individuals interested in exploring careers in cannabis.

The goal of this internship program is to provide training, education, experience, and networking opportunities to all individuals accepted into the program in regards to cannabis cultivation in Minnesota, rosin extraction, and cannabis business management. This will be completed through a training program that will expose all accepted candidates to the cultivation and manufacturing process as performed by Grounded Gardens, LLC.

Each trainee completing the program will receive a comprehensive education in the previously listed areas of study, potential job placement within Grounded Gardens, and/or a letter of recommendation for their work in the industry and/or further counseling, support, potential job placement from the Minnesota Cannabis College. There is no guarantee of job placement upon completing this internship program.

In addition to completing the following application, please submit a current resume listing all applicable educational and volunteer/employment experiences. This can include any prior hemp or cannabis experience or any other detail that you may deem important to be considered for this internship program.

The anticipated length of this program is four through six months with around 20 hours of field or manufacturing experience per week, but hours and expected dates can be flexible for any academic or work commitments. Specific dates and anticipated hours will be set on an individualized basis.

Please submit the following application AND a current resume to by Monday, Aug 9th.

Published by Tanner B

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